Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Okay, I've got a reason to write! My wonderful and very talented friend Diane is under the impression that I can make a list of seven unusual things about myself and then tag seven other bloggers for you to check out. (Well, okay, I am unusual, so that part may be easy, heh, heh. But I don't know a lot of bloggers!)

But let's see how this goes.

Seven unusual things about myself:
1. Way back in ancient history, I was a lifeguard and used to swim competitively.
2. I have saved two lives. (A couple more as a lifeguard, probably, but the others aren't as dramatic as these.) One was a 12-yr-old boy who had vomited and passed out in the swimming pool. I had to drag him on deck and give him CPR. The other was my 4-yr-old son who was choking on a piece of orange. Good thing I saw him when I did, as his airway was completely blocked. The Heimlich Maneuver works!
3. I worked on an archeological dig in France one summer as a college gal. Then I travelled the rails around Europe for 3 weeks by myself. And, no, I would not let my daughter do that....
4. I've forgotten just about all of my French. (Is that so unusual??)
5. I was going to birth my son at home with midwife and monitrice, but labor went on for 44-1/2 hours. Yeah, I thought I was gonna die, but of course he is worth it. And yeah, I thank God for drugs!
6. Hmmmm.... I walk or drive around and constantly see artistry that presents itself to my eye, but I usually don't have my camera or can't pull the car over without risking an accident.
7. People tell me I can write, but I seem to be a woman of few words. Take this blog, for instance.....
Here are some bloggers you should see:
Diane Vogel Ferri
John Ettorre
Diane (of course)
I can't think of 4 more right now, but I hope to soon!


John Ettorre said...

Okay, Pat, I accept the tag challenge. I don't ordinarily do this kind of stuff, but there's something about your friendly style that makes it downright impossible to say no. Just know that I'm sometime slow, so it might be a few days before I get around to following through. Hell, it might take weeks for me to think of even a couple of unusual things about myself, let alone seven.

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Awesome post, Pat!! I forgot your archeological dig in France and the train thing... My, we were adventurous. Good times. (: THANK YOU for participating.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Thanks Pat, I appreciate the encouragment! I too had a 40+ hour labor a long time ago and i don't think many people believe me - but back then it was all natural childbirth!! Yikes!(Fortunately she was worth it)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Thanks for the tag - but since I'm putting on thanksgiving I don't knwo when I'll get to it! I will link you on my blog though -( I thought I already did)I wonder if we live close to each other. I'm in Solon.