Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Hundred One Days of Summer

Sophie and Nate at Mentor Headlands as a storm rolls in.  Aug. 2010.
Last month I was awarded honorable mention and inclusion in an e-chap book for my submission, Sweet Heat,  to the Dog Days of Summer flash writing contest, hosted by Michael Solender at his blog not from here, are you?  You can find the book here.   My writing is on page 47.

This contest was a lot of fun.  The rules?  Submit a piece of writing that is exactly 101 words (for the 101 days of summer) and include the words summer and heat.    Well....  After the summer we had, I was more than ready.  Creative juices flowed like sweat as I let loose my hot frustration on my keyboard.   And now, for your reading pleasure, here is my flash writing submission.

Sweet Heat
While lying in bed, I listen to the crickets sing for a mate outside my window.  Summer has peaked; school will start again soon.  Every year it’s the same – where has summer gone?  But I know….  It slipped away when I was merely bearing the heat of it, taking refuge in the conditioned air of my car and the office – in closed-up and artificial things.  But now, this night, I soak it in; I revel in the sticky warmth of it, knowing full well that the ache of winter is relentless in its approach.  Sing this woman to sleep, dear crickets.


Anonymous said...

Your article was of enough substance to merit the well-deserved award. Bravo! You write with a warmth and passion. Personal, in-depth feeling...and it makes the reader delve in and want to read more.

Anonymous said...

I love your use of words, very descriptive and well said, felt like I was there with you. You are an awesome writer. Looking forward to more of your work.

Pat Washington said...

@ Anonymous #1: But there couldn't be anymore! I was only allowed 101 words. :-b (But, thanks anyhow, MAF.)

@ Anonymous #2: Thanks for the compliment on my writing. Yes, I must write more.... Stop by again!