Friday, January 14, 2011

Hospice Fundraiser at Chili Peppers Today!

I've wanted to blog about one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants, Chili Peppers, for quite some time.  When I walked in yesterday afternoon to pick up burritos for dinner, I knew that the time was now.

Today, Chili Peppers (at 869 E. 185th Street in Cleveland) is having a fundraiser to help Sharon Richman of Hospice of the Western Reserve take a two-week trip with some of her coworkers to Helderberg Hospice, their partner hospice in South Africa, this March.  Each participant must raise his or her own funds for the trip.  Sharon's tripmates include a photographer, two nurses, a volunteer coordinator, a music therapist and the CEO of Hospice of the Western Reserve, David Simpson.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to work together with our partner and learn how a hospice in another country helps patients and their families deal with end-of-life issues," Sharon said.  The partnership, established in 2002, helps provide vital funding for Helderberg Hospice as well as a unique opportunity to exchange information and ideas in the global community. 

Support from Hospice of The Western Reserve has helped its South African partner train nurses, social workers and administrators in palliative care.  Funds also help to feed hungry families dealing with end-of-life issues, buy medical supplies, and take care of other immediate needs.

"We feel that it is so important to share our learning and increase overall awareness of the need for hospice and palliative care in a country ravaged by the AIDS/HIV pandemic,"  Sharon said.   "[We] will give presentations upon our return to share our experiences and raise awareness."

Chili Peppers is a popular lunch spot for employees of Hospice of the Western Reserve, as it is just right up the street.  Chili Peppers' owner Steve Newman came to know Sharon via her lunchtime visits.
"I like to give back to the community," Steve said.  "Hospice does such a great service for people." 

I encourage anyone in the Cleveland area to come to Chili Peppers on E. 185th Street anytime today between 11am and 9pm to enjoy some great Mexican food and to support a good cause.  The menu has plenty of options to make vegetarians and vegans happy, as well as omnivores like me.  Also enjoy a complimentary piece of cake from Buettner’s Bakery!


Your anonymous sister said...

You did a nice job on this!

Pat Washington said...

Thank you, anonymous sister! I wrote this on a whim with less than 24 hours to get the info and put it together, but I was more than happy to do it, as Hospice deserves all the support it can get.