Thursday, June 16, 2011


(So I went to a poetry reading last night and am still feeling kinda groovy.  Here is this morning's attempt to honor the gift of the gods.  What else have I been doing?  Besides the regular mom stuff and office job, I've been working on resumes, and web copy for lights and flagpoles.  And we had a little vacation in Hocking Hills, which included ziplining!)

I stumble to the kitchen and reach for you.
Coffee first.  Even before the cat gets fed.
And she knows that, watching me expectantly.

Your warm aroma rises from the grounds
as I hear the familiar gurgle and drip.
I breathe you in like a familiar lover.

And then...after washing a few dishes
in the sink to pass the time,  
there you are, brewed and ready.
Wrapping my hands around the cup of you,
I pull you close,
I drink you in.

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