Monday, October 3, 2011

Nathan's Art

You may have read in my sidebar to the right that I am the mother to two young artists.  I have all sorts of art floating about the house.  I just wish I had enough money in my budget to get all that beauty framed!

The piece you see to the left is a somewhat poorly scanned replica of the sketch of the singer Adele that my son Nathan created about a month ago.  He's 15 years old, and he has honed his gift by teaching himself art techniques via books and YouTube videos.  He does some great work.  (He also has a great eye for photography, and he has assisted me with three of the four weddings I have photographed.  I wouldn't do a wedding without him.)

I waited patiently for him to scan it and post it on Facebook, as he does with most of his art.  I waited...and waited...but the poor guy was just so busy with school and band activities that I just decided to put it up myself.

It was sold to a woman in Oregon within a few days of posting.  (Hi, Marie!  We hope you enjoy it.)

Again, this scanned image is really not a good representation of the original portrait, which has beautiful, subtle shading.  Perhaps I should have taken a photo of it instead.  Alas, the original is on the other side of the country now, but I did keep a copy of it for myself.


Elisa said...

This is wonderful, Pat! Wow, what a talent he has. You must be very proud. Go, go go!!

Pat Washington said...

Thanks, Elisa. I am! Today is Superhero Day at his high school, so last night he drew a a big, incredible-looking spider and parts of a web with black permanent marker on a plain white T-shirt so that he could go as Peter Parker/Spider Man. Can't wait to post it! Much better than anything we could have bought.