Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rumble Through Whenever You Wish

New York Central train along the Hudson, scanned from
an old postcard I found in my family archives.
Rumble Through Whenever You Wish

As I listen tonight, all alone,
to some new music
streaming from the internet,
a train whistle interrupts,
strong and robust --
a melody from an iron belly.
And now as I write, I hear another train answering the first,
and I am back to the front bedroom in my grandfather's house
lying in bed watching the breeze move the luminous curtains,
listening to the tick tick tick of the Big Ben alarm clock,
and then the heavy engine of the locomotive as it begins to rumble
into the quiet, just at the end of Summer Avenue.
I hear the heavy whooo whooo of its welcome --
I am here...I am here....whoo whooo....
Listen as I thunder by.
I listen, and my heart smiles its reply.

Dedicated to the memory of J.O. McGoey,
my grandpa, and a New York Central train conductor.

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