Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Fun with Poetry

In the past few weeks I've written several poems, but I have not posted them here yet because I want to take some photos to go with them.  Alas, the days and weeks continue to float by, filled with other commitments. But today I felt like doing an easy, fill-in-the-blank poem, and it was so much fun that I want to share it with you and invite you add your own fill-in-the-blank poem in the comments!   This poem generator is called All I Want, and here's my version:

All I want is someone to give me chocolate.
Someone to provide an endless supply.
All I want is someone to give me chocolate.
Someone to give it to me at a moment's notice, and
Someone to hide the wrapper evidence.
All I want is someone to give me chocolate.
Someone to wrap it pretty when I am sad,
Someone to eat it with, and
Someone to buy me some more.
All I want is someone to give me chocolate
Someone to make its calories disappear
Someone to tell me that there's still some on my lips.
Someone to laugh when I say I'm saving that for later. ;-)
Someone to kiss it off of them anyway.
All I a chocolate enabler.

Okay, you're turn!  Go here, fill in your words, create the poem, and then paste it in the comments! (If you don't like that one, there are other ideas to choose from on the left of the page.)


Jackie B said...

 ultramarine blue

the sky after sunset

the depths of the ocean

the eyes of my daughter

the wind in the evening

the crash of waves on the bulkhead


the Little Mermaid birthday cake

ice cold water on a hot summer day

jello slipping down my throat

a swim in the deep
cool silk sheets
the gusts of wind on the top of a hill
reach into the depths of my soul

Pat Washington said...

 That's lovely, Jackie.  Thank you!